Product Description

The family consists of four detection devices: two heat detectors (58° and
a rate of rise), an optical smoke, and a photo-thermal multi-sensor. The
detector base makes the installation process easy and quick.
These sensors are designed for open area protection and must only
be connected to fire alarm panels that use a compatible proprietary
communication protocol for monitoring and control (DXc panels R7, 8, 9).

Mechanical specification
Height 52 mm installed in B501AP base
Diameter 102 mm installed in B501AP base
Weight 97 g (incl. base)
Max Wire Gauge for Terminals 2.5 mm2
Color ivory
Material PC/ABS
Note * When installed in a MI/B501AP/IV base

Do not install detectors in locations where normal ambient temperature exceeds 50°C
Electrical Specifications – Non-Isolated Product
Operating Voltage Range 15 … 32 V DC
Maximum Standby Current 200 µA @ 24 V DC (no communications)
300 µA @ 24 V DC (LED blink enabled, once every 5s)
LED Current 3.5 mA @ 24 V DC
Remote Output Voltage 22.5 V DC @ 24 V DC
Remote Output Current 10.8 mA @ 24 V DC
Additional loop resistance using the B501AP typ 20 mohm (max 30 mohm)
Environmental Specifications
Temperature Range -30°C … +70°C
Humidity 10 … 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)